multi grain breadHealthy Bread

Bread has been around for 12,000 years. Early bread products consisted of flat breads produced through experimentation with water, flour and grains. Versions of these early flatbreads are still eaten today, Arabic breads, lavash, naan and roti breads are just a few examples of the modern flat bread.

Bread became a staple food and would have provided much needed calories and a source of carbohydrates. It is thought the Egyptians were the first to produce the risen bread we have become familiar with seeing on the supermarket shelves and the bread that we have in our sandwiches.

While bread is a great source of carbohydrates today’s health aware society has meant that many people would remove bread from their diet when trying to lose weight. Many believe that bread will make you fat. There are also many medical reasons why consuming the traditional bread based products is not good for you. These can be allergies to gluten, coeliac disease, digestive problems diabetes or simply the need to lose weight for health and medical purposes.

Bread provides our bodies with the carbohydrates and wholegrains required for a balanced diet. However, there are many different types of bread each with different properties which means you should be able to find a bread suitable for your own needs.

Here at modern bakery we have researched the properties that make up the different types of bread and we are pioneering bread based products that fit in with today’s health conscious markets. In fact Modern Bakery have pioneered a healthy protein bread that has been approved by Dubai Municipality Ministry of Health.